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    In the medium term, MProfit can think of adding a feature of Document Management in the MProfit Database. Contract Notes, Cams Statement, NPS Statements, etc. can be stored in the MProfit database so that whenever necessary, the same can be recalled. For eg. in case of purchase of shares through a broker, in the entry where the purchase is imported/entered, an option may be given to store the contact note. In the future whenever this entry is clicked and one wants to view the contact note, the same may be pulled up and shown. This would be very useful for income tax purposes. The Scrutiny assessments take place after a few years and the department generally asks for contract notes. More importantly for Long term Capital gains where the shares are sold after many years (sometimes after half a decade or more), it will help since the IT department would ask for producing contract notes of purchase of shares. The physically kept or scanned copies of contact notes stored are not easy to recall. This facility would add an important feature to MProfit. This facility is available in Tally ERP as an addon & is a very useful facility.

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    Dear Kamlesh Vikamsey,

    Thank you for your suggestion. We will forward your feedback to our concern team.