This can be done by performing Mark to Market process for any given date.

Suppose there are two outstanding contracts with unrealised P/L and some realised profit/loss.

1. Right click on Stock F&O and select Create Mark to Market Records for this F&O Acct.

2. Select All, Select Date, Select Broker and Click on ‘Create’.

MProfit can fetch prices for two days, today’s and yesterday’s. You will need to enter prices manually for any other dates for MTM process. Click on price column and press F2 to enter or change the price.

3. This will create two records for each contract, one buy and one sell with the closing price of the selected date.

This will how the screen looks like after MTM process. The Unrealised P/L will be transferred to Realised P/L.

4. The balance sheet after the MTM process will look like this. The broker’s ledger will match up to the date of performing MTM process.


a) Keep the prices zero for expired options. This will settle the expired options and the amount paid for the options will be booked as loss in respective broker’s ledger.

b) For contracts appearing under Other F&O, do the same process by right clicking Other F&O icon. The prices for contracts appearing under other F&O will need to be entered manually.