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Restoring from backup removes other portfolios

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  • Restoring from backup removes other portfolios

    I have portfolio A and B. When I restore data from a back up in B and restart, A also disappears.
    It is likely because while restoring one needs to create a new empty folder and therefore after restarting does not read any info about A because data it is in old folder.
    Is there a way to retain A and restore into B?

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    Dear zomby,

    Two data folders can not be merged hence you need to create new directory while restoring data.

    Only way is to re-enter data in either of the data set.
    MProfit Support


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      Is there a way to export from A and import it back via templates? I am not looking for backup and restore because that requires an empty folder as you confirmed will not work.


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        Dear zomby,

        You can export Transaction report in excel format and use excel templates. Copy paste data column-wise in excel template from MProfit report. Please note that this will be without expenses.

        For Stocks -

        MProfit Report - Reports > Transactions > Contract Notes - Stock Transactions.

        Excel Template -
        MProfit Stock Transactions

        For Mutual funds -

        MProfit Report - Reports > Transactions > Mutual Fund Transaction Details - Date-wise.

        Excel Template -
        MProfit Mutual Fund Transactions

        For other assets you need to make the entries manually.

        MProfit Support


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          The report generated contains everything needed for import except ISIN. Can it be imported without the ISIN? How to get the ISIN for existing assets?


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            Dear Zomby,

            You can copy paste the details in MProfit excel format and import it. You can import the file without ISIN no.

            You can generate ISIN reports for Closing Balance - Detailed reports.

            Click on Reports > Accounts > Closing Balance - Detailed

            After opening the report, click on "Customize Report" button and check mark "DIsplay ISIN no."