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Importing cash segment transactions in Reliance Industries Limited-Rights Entitlement

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  • Importing cash segment transactions in Reliance Industries Limited-Rights Entitlement


    I am unable to map the ISIN: INE002A20018 (Reliance Industries Limited-Rights Entitlement) in MProfit while importing Contract Notes from Zerodha and Reliance Securities. I had sold the RE in the Cash Segment post allotment.

    Does MProfit intend to update it data? Also, what is the recommended way to make an entry in PMS for the RIL-RE Allotment?


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    Dear Paresh,

    Please note that listing of rights entitlement of reliance rights shares has been listed on a separate platform. The Rights Entitlement platform allows the rights holders to trade their entitlement on a separate window on exchanges where holders can sell and renounce their entitlement.

    We will wait till the rights issue is closed and new partly paid up shares are issued. Our team will review in June after the rights issue is closed whether we can get the price feed of this partly paid up shares of Reliance.

    Here are the links for your information.

    Thank you for your patience.

    If you still want to add it, then you can add it manually under the Private Equity section for now. There are no charges fields so you can enter a net sell amount.
    MProfit Support


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      Is this done. How to enter the details of RIL partly paid shares? Would this be read from contract notes?


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        Dear Zomby,

        Yes. Both the scrips are added in MProfit under stocks list. It will be read and imported from contract notes.

        - Reliance Ind Rights Entitlement
        - Reliance Ind Partly Paid

        Please take master database update in order to get it.
        • Open MProfit and go to Help > Check for updates > Do normal Master Database Updates.
        • Restart MProfit 1-2 times. After restarting the application wait for a few minutes.
        Please email your contact details to [email protected] If you need any further assistance regarding the same.
        MProfit Support