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Portfoios count mismatch in my Mprofit desktop system

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  • Portfoios count mismatch in my Mprofit desktop system

    Currently I have 25 portfolios opened across 5 Family Members. But the system shows the number of Portfolios as 47. Why this mismatch? Does it include the closed and deleted Portfolios too?

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    Dear Sankar,

    Please check if you have changed the data location in past by restoring the backup. If yes then it counts the portfolios from all data folders. In such case our team can call and assist you to reset the license and activate it again. It does not include deleted portfolios.

    MProfit counts each PMS, F&O and Accounts portfolio as a separate portfolio.

    For example, if one maintains the following 3 portfolios in MProfit:

    ABC - PMS
    ABC - Accounts
    ABC - F&O

    In this case one is maintaining 3 separate portfolios, making one's current portfolio count = 3.

    Please check your total portfolio count across PMS, F&O and Accounts and let us know what your total portfolio count is.
    MProfit Support


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      Thank you Tanmay. Yes, I changed the data location by restoring the backup in the past once. I request you to please inform your support team to contact me to reset the portfolio numbers to its correct number.