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How do I use MProfit Sync?

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  • How do I use MProfit Sync?

    MProfit Sync is useful for two types of people:

    1. For financial advisors to share the data with your clients in a safe and easy method. Your clients can use the free version of MProfit or the mobile version to view the data they receive from you in read-only mode.

    2. Individuals, companies or family offices that want to view the data on a mobile phone.

    Once you have installed MProfit Pro or Advisor you can proceed with the following steps:

    1. Click in the upper left hand corner on the image that says " Click to add your logo"

    2: Now can add your Advisor name, email and logo. Then select "ok"

    3. Now right click on a family name from the list on the left side and select "Edit Family Details"

    4. Enter an email address

    5. Re-confirm the email address

    5. Right click on the name and select "Send Portfolio Data to Client"

    6. Re-confirm and click Ok

    7. You are done.

    Now, your client will get an email with instructions to download and install MProfit Investor. They will also see a link in the same email to also view the data in the mobile app.

    There are two ways to view the data:
    1. On the desktop, download the free version of MProfit and enter in the advisor code and username/password
    2. On the mobile phone, first install the MProfit app then click on the link contained in the email. You should click on the link when viewing the email on the mobile phone.

    Whenever you make changes to the portfolio you can select "Send Portfolio Data to Client" and your client will receive an email saying the data has been updated. Then the client just starts MProfit and the data will be updated.

    Sending data options:
    1. One family at a time (as shown above)
    2. Entire Category - Right click on the category name to send portfolio data to all those clients in that category

    3. All clients - by selecting Manage -> Send Portfolio Data -> Send Data from the panel on the left