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Resolution of false positive alert of Windows Defender for MProfit Applicaton

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  • Resolution of false positive alert of Windows Defender for MProfit Applicaton

    Windows Defender recent update has detected virus in MProfitapp which is false positive, means it has incorrectly detected virus in MProfit applicatoin. MProfit Applicaiton is signed with proper digital certificate and it is absolutely virus free. We have reported this issue to Microsoft to resolve the issue from their side.

    We In order to resolve the issue and put MProfit application in safe list, follow the steps below:

    Clients using Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 will face this issue. Xp users may not face as there is no windows defender.

    For Windows 10 -

    (First add the entire MProfit folder in exclusion list and then restore the deleted files)

    1. From start search 'Windows Defender'. (Don't look in control panel as it takes time to find out)

    2. Go to Virus & Threat protection.

    3. Go to 'Virus & Threat protection settings'

    4. Scroll Down and locate Exclusions option and click on 'Add or remove exclusions'.

    5. Click on Add an Exclusion and select Folder. Browse and add MProfit folder from Program Files.

    6. Go back to first screen and go to Virus & Threat protection. And click on 'Scan History'. (Refer 1st and 2nd screenshot to know the options).

    7. Locate Quarantined threads and click on 'see details.'

    You will see 'Restore' option. Click on it.

    8. Open MProfit couple of times to check it is working fine.

    For Windows 7 -

    1. Go to Control Panel and locate Windows Firewall. (Check Windows defender but most cases you will see it is Off or overwritten by Antivirus utility so no need to check that).

    2. From the left panel go to 'Allow a program or feature'

    3. Click on Change Settings if window is grayed out.

    4. Then click on 'Allow Another program' button. Add MProfitApp 9.5 and click on OK.

    5. Then re-install MProfit. (Uninstall and install new setup from site).
    Jonny Yadav
    Super Moderator
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