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  • Capital Gains Reports - For Income Tax

    1) Capital gains reports - Are there gross amounts or net of brokerage, STT and other charges.
    2) I have been using the paid product for the past several years, would like to suggest few improvements regarding capital gains reports.
    - Show Brokerage, Stt, and all other charges in capital gains reports (especially in Income tax format., It will save lot of time if someone needs to reconcile this with Brokerage PL reports.
    - This will also save printing multiple reports such as STTs, brokerage etc.

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    Dear K Sudha Rani,

    By default, capital gains only include brokerage and other charges are not included. However, we have provided the feature to allocate charges to purchase value and sale value.

    Please refer this forum post:

    Thank you for your suggestion.
    MProfit Support


    • K Sudha Rani
      K Sudha Rani
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      K Sudha Rani commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the response. This is a great product but needs report improvements. Since you are capturing all the data elements provide an option to print these important brokerage, STT and transaction charges part of capital gains reports. Comparing this with actual brokerage will be easier. IT most of the time needs brokerage reports. or provide this as part of reports customization. This is not difficult to implement.

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    Dear K Sudha Rani,

    You can print the brokerage,STT and other charges reports separately under Reports > Miscellaneous. Thank you for your suggestion. We will Forward your feedback to our concern team.


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      Can you please update the CG reports for IT format to give numbers as per the ITR2 format. I am not able to attach screen shot.


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        Dear Zomby,

        You can export Income Tax Return format report in Excel and modify as per ITR requirement.

        Go to Reports > Capital Gains > Income Tax Return Format - Stocks.
        MProfit Support


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          Every year I file my taxes via a CA. But this year he told me that he is not doing individual's returns because of "low margins" and "higher compliance".
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            Dear smithclarkson001,

            Please let us know if you have any query related to MProfit Software.
            MProfit Support


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              just modify the tax return into the ITR format using excel . have been doing this for quite some time now BluestacksOmegleCanli Mac Izle


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                Dear Romared403,

                Please email sample report to [email protected] so we can review.
                MProfit Support