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How do I add bonus shares

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  • How do I add bonus shares

    One of the most important feature of MProfit is to handle corporate actions like Bonus, Split, Merger and Demerger. Capital gain calculations are adjusted automatically based on these actions as per the income tax rule, with effective from the date of this corporate action.

    For example suppose Suzlon issues you 100 bonus shares on Feb 2, 2015, you can enter that as a Bonus Received.

    1. Right click on the name of the stock in summary screen. Click Other Transactions -> Add Bonus Received

    2. Enter the 100 shares you received as a bonus then click on Save.

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    You should put a warning/clarification that entering corporate actions would not let you calculate the capital gains/loss after taking charges/fees from contract notes.


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      Thank you for your suggestion. We will forward it to concerned team.

      MProfit Support