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8% Taxable Govt of India Bonds

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  • 8% Taxable Govt of India Bonds

    Hi, Please guide as to how to enter 8% Taxable GOI in PMS @ Mprofit....Under which catgeory and are these bonds shown in the list populated in Tradeable Bonds Category

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    Dear m.lakshmy25,

    Please provide us more details about the bond like ISIN code so we can check.

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    • Janakiraman M
      Janakiraman M commented
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      Hi Tanmay,

      This bond does not have an ISIN code and is not traded. There is a hard copy of a physical certificate issued by the Bank (for eg. HDFC) that needs to be surrendered on maturity.
      The Certificate of Holding from HDFC Bank has it as : Govt. of India 8% Savings (Taxable) Bonds - 2003
      There is a bond ledger account mentioned along with Maturity value per bond and date, Branch Reference number, etc.

      I am trying to figure out the best place to enter it in PMS. Can you clarify please?


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    Dear Janakiraman M,

    If the bond is not traded then you can manage it under NCD/Debentures category.
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