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  • ESOP Entries in Mprofit

    I have received few ESOP from my company and I want to know how do I enter them into MProfit?

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    Dear Cardoz,

    You can enter it under Private Equity section in MProfit.
    MProfit Support


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      Hi, I am trying to enter ESPP / RSU shares under Private Equity as per this guidance. These involve buying, selling and Dividend income. The sale of shares in Private Equity is showing in Accounts as "Misc. Gain/Loss" and Dividend/Income shows up under "Other Income" which is good.

      Under PMS Reports, the sale of Private Equity is only showing up in "Transactions" and under "Other Assets" Report which simply lists all transactions in the period - Dividend, Other income, Buying and Selling transactions. I need to see the proceeds from sale of shares in Private Equity in Income tax Return Format. Which PMS report should I look at to see the gains / losses for Private Equity in IT Return Format (similar to Capital Gains reports)?


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        Dear Janakiraman M,

        Currently we don't support Capital Gain report for Private Equity. Thank you for your suggestion. We will forward your feedback to our product team.
        MProfit Support


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          Dear Tanmay,

          Any update regarding this report from your product team? - it would be very helpful if you can generate a report for Private Equity showing Dates, quantity, cost price, sale price, gain/loss. Without this it is painful to manually note down every entry, search thru multiple years for cost price and then do the calculations to prepare for tax filing.

          We have ESPP / RSU's and hold some foreign shares which are tracked using private equity as recommended.

          One additional feature request for Private Equity - can you include a provision for customers to choose the ledger used for Gain/Loss/Dividends please?
          They can default to Misc. Gain/Loss or other Income unless the customer chooses the Short/Long term Capital Gains & Dividend ledgers.

          Until then, is there a way to generate a flat XLSX / CSV dump of the above fields and entries in Private Equity for a given time period? I can then filter and do my processing to figure out cost basis etc to do my taxes.



          • Tanmay Keni
            Tanmay Keni commented
            Editing a comment
            Dear Janakiraman M,

            We will check with our product team again regarding Private Equity report. 

            For changing default ledger for income received, the option is already available in MProfit. 

            1. From Accounts section right click on Private Equity asset and go to Edit Master Record.
            2. Click on Show Advanced Options.
            3. Click on Modify and select custom ledger which you want.

            For showing Gain/Loss in different ledger you can pass one JV from Misc. Gain/Loss to custom ledger.

            To generate Private equity CSV file you can sync data with cloud and use "Export to CSV" option from last transactions.

            If you have not registered for cloud and synced the data yet please refer this forum post:

            Once data is synced to cloud, login to cloud and from individual portfolio go to Actions > View All Transactions.
            Filter on Private Equity asset and click on Export to CSV button.