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How to import for different brokers and different traders.

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  • How to import for different brokers and different traders.

    Please guide me.
    I have 3 people who are trading.
    And there are also 2 stock brokers.
    Plus of course 3 MF people folio.

    On import, I was able to import the following with any issue...

    1. MF for 3 people - separately in 3 portfolio's
    2. Made a group - so that it can be seen as a total and of course individually.
    3. F&O - imports - of Axis Direct - no issues of past trades and current contract notes.
    4. Zerodha - import from trade book was good, and the import from contract notes is also fine.

    HOWEVER ...

    When I imported my past trades in cash of Axis Direct - it merged with Zerodha account. I want keep each broker separately.
    Please guide me - how to

    a) Import in different portfolio's for different brokers.
    b) Delete the existing portfolio's that has every thing mixed up.

    HOWEVER - for capital gain, both the portfolio's that has the same PAN number to me merged and then calculate.

    Thanks in advance.
    SK Agrawal

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    Dear S K Agrawal,

    Our support person will contact and assist you regarding these queries.
    MProfit Support