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How can Mutual Fund advisors import a CAMS WBR2 file to MProfit?

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  • How can Mutual Fund advisors import a CAMS WBR2 file to MProfit?

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    Mutual fund advisors with ARN numbers first need to register with CAMS to receive mailback files from CAMS.

    Step 1: Register with CAMS (Skip to Step 2 if you are already registered).
    • Navigate to
    • Select Distributor / RIA Services and on this page, click Distributor Mailback Service
    • At the bottom, click How to Register
    • Download and fill out the registration form linked on the page and send it to CAMS
    • You will get a response from CAMS within 1-2 weeks.

    Step 2: Once you have registered with CAMS, you can now request the mailback service:
    • Go to and select Distributor / RIA Services
    • Click Distributor Mailback Service and enter your email ID that is registered with CAMS
    • You can select multiple funds at once, with the exception of the funds in red font (that can only be selected one at a time, as mentioned on the webpage). Once you are done with your selection, click Next

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    Step 3: Under Customer Service, select WBR2 Investor Transactions for a Period

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    Step 4: On the same page, scroll down and select DBF as the Desired Output Format and Email an Encrypted Attachment as the Delivery Option. Click Next

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    Step 5: Select your time period and click Next

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    Step 6: Enter your Password (you must create a new password here), and you can select either Immediate or Overnight

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    Step 7: The file will delivered to you in encrypted format. For decrypting the file, you should follow the following steps:
    • Download the file from your email and change the file extension from .cams to .exe
    • Next, open the file by double clicking it. You will be prompted to enter your password. Enter the same password that you have provided while requesting the file and click the Decrypt button
    • At the same location, one Mailback folder will be created, under which the Download folder will be created. You will see the DBF file in the Download folder. You have to use this DBF file for importing to MProfit

    Step 8: Once you receive the .CAMS file via email, select the file in MProfit and import it using the "CAMS WBR2" template

    To learn how to use MProfit's import feature, click the link:[/video
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