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How do I import my mutual fund Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) in MProfit?

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    I have been having the same date issue with importing CAMS data using "Consolidated Account Statement - PDF" template.

    I have updated the software to build number 1019.027.

    However, when I try to perform Step 2 the dialog says "Template: File is upto date". The version remains 8.12 and it doesn't work.

    Can you please share the updated template? Or fix the update feature such that the latest template is picked up?


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      Dear Paresh Ghodgue,

      CAMS has again changed the date format to Indian format and we have updated the template to resolve this. Please request the statement again and import your CAS statement.

      Do let us know if everything is working fine.


      • Paresh Ghodgue
        Paresh Ghodgue commented
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        Thank you. I have imported the latest files from CAMS and they work fine.

      • Jonny Yadav
        Jonny Yadav commented
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        Dear Paresh Ghodgue,

        Welcome. Glad to know your issue is resolved now.

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      When I import the data from CAMS CAS for a specific period, there might be certain data already entered manually in MPro software. How can the duplication be avoided


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        Dear Admin

        I have updated the software and all the data bases. I have right clicked on CAS in Favourites and updated it. Yet I am not able to import CAMS CAS. The statement is full of data but the I get message saying " no data ". Pls reply at the earliest


        • Tanmay Keni
          Tanmay Keni commented
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          Please make sure the statement is "Consolidated Account Statement" and not "Consolidated Account Summary". Please email your contact details to [email protected] so our team can assist you further.