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Feedback on the Performa Invoice.

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  • Feedback on the Performa Invoice.

    I asked for the performa invoice, and I got one, where my GST no or address - nothing was mentioned. Just name and email. This was AFTER I had send all the details.
    Then I called again - to Sheweta.
    Then I got another one, where - GST 18% was mentioned.
    However.. nothing was mentioned about - what all that licence will be of / for. validity - one hour, one day - what ever...
    When I asked about it - Ms Sheweta told me that I am the ONLY & ONLY ONE to ask that. No other person wants any details or an invoice as per GST Format.
    How interesting ....

    As there is no one else, I can talk to.. I am putting it up here and may be some one can read and respond.
    If Ms Sheweta is the last, final and only one who will decide every thing, I am not sure.. how will the technical issues be resolved.

    Any way...

    SK Agrawal

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    MProfit team called me and resolved all the issues.
    I purchased the Pro licence, and working to learn it.
    Thanks for resolving the issues.


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      Dear SK Agarawal,

      Glad to know your issue is resolved now. Please let us know if you need any further assistance. We will be happy to answer any further queries.

      MProfit Support