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    This Forum does not permit to upload or insert an image in the post. Please permit. In one of my post today, I wanted to upload/insert an image of your mobile App screen where I was suggesting an improvement, to make clear my point, which was not permitted saying you are not permitted to upload or remove the attachment. Permitting images will help articulate better.

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    Dear Kamlesh Vikamsey,

    Image uploading by user is not possible on forum. The best way to get quick response to our team will be by forwarding image and your query to [email protected]


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      NFO ICICIphramaETF not updated.Please note


      • Tanmay Keni
        Tanmay Keni commented
        Editing a comment
        Dear Rajashekar Tarigopula.

        The fund is already available in MProfit with name - ICICI Prudential Healthcare ETF

        You need to update the master databases in order to view the new stocks and mutual funds in MProfit.

        To update your master databases please follow the steps below:

        Open MProfit and go to Help > Check for updates > Do Normal Master Database Updates.

        Restart MProfit 1-2 times. After restarting the application wait for a few minutes.

        Please email us at [email protected] if you need any help.

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      Thank you . It worked